10 Tips For Endurance Motorcycle Riding

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Motorcycle riders are a sore bunch, so soaking in hot springs during our travels is practically a medical necessity. I've been riding just over a year now, and I absolutely love it. Started on a 250 and now I ride a Yamaha FZ6, great bike. And even if you have travel or health insurance, check the fine print because some insurance contracts preclude driving on motorbikes in Thailand.

Touring motorcycles were built for the long haul and the following tips will help you make it seamlessly and safely from point A to point B. Today's motorcycle gear is fantastic. It is more risky to drive in the changing light as you're harder for cars to see, and in many places, animals like to come out onto the roads at night, so it's best to avoid night riding if you can.

You'll most likely have some kind of GPS device mounted to your handlebars to help you navigate your route (some long distance riders have multiple GPS units to provide real time traffic and weather as well as act as a backup in the event the first GPS unit fails) and having a place to easily plug in for power is a smart idea.

If you use your own bike for the tour, you must know what will work best for it. But if you hire the motorcycle, you could use as the tour provider about the luggage capacity, the size, and how much space that you can use to store your items. Kneadable epoxy - for hardcore roadside repairs of broken parts exposed to a lot of heat.

There's also tips on what to remember when riding on the continent and information about our loading procedure for motorbikes so you can be sure that your bike is loaded safely and will be secure throughout your crossing. We use a Butler Motorcycle map to help plan the day trips and use Google maps to plan the whole week, of course plans are made to change depending on the towns or hoi an other attractions we come across.

Plan, no plan - I know meticulous riders who plan a trip right down to where they're going to have lunch each day. It's exciting to see more & more people starting to ride motorcycles and going on roadtrips either on their own or with buddies. For many European bikers, it is the first trip abroad" that need to be done before visiting other countries for motor tours.

But riding a motorbike in Thailand can also be very dangerous but if you stick to the common sense basics - ride within the speed limits, wear a bike helmet, obey the traffic rules and don't drink and drive - it remains a perfectly reliable way to get around.